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AR6500 Diesel Treatment is an everyday additive that protects your fuel system and boosts power, response and MPG at every fill-up.

  • Improves combustion efficiency
  • Cleans injectors, turbo and DPF (reduces regens)
  • Lubricates and protects the fuel system
  • Reduces maintenance and extends component life
  • Increases fuel economy
  • Boosts cetane up to 8 points


Standard: 1 oz (30ml) of AR6500 Diesel Treatment per 10 gallons of diesel.


Power Boost: 2 oz (60ml) per 10 gallons of diesel. For best results use Power Boost dose in first tank of fuel.


On average, AR6500 users experience an MPG increase of up to 10%, representing saving of up to $228 in fuel costs per 40.6 oz bottle (based on average fuel prices, June 2022).

In testing, AR6500 increased MPG by 11.1% in a 2011 Ford F-350.


The common cetane rating of diesel at the pump is between 40-45 and the cetane your vehicle typically needs is between 47-50. Improving the cetane rating of fuel will increase MPG, power and response while reducing emissions.

AR6500 Diesel Treatment

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