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Archoil AR6300 Winter Diesel Treatment is a concentrated fuel treatment which is added to every tank of diesel to protect against gelling in cold weather, boost performance, ensure fuel quality and protect your fuel system. AR6300 promotes a more complete combustion which improves efficiency, power and response.



• Cold Filter Plugging Point Depressant - Prevents diesel fuel from gelling and plugging the fuel filter

• Lubricant - Protects fuel pump and injectors from wear and failure, lubricates upper cylinder and provides additional lubrication for cold weather

• Combustion Modifier - Promotes complete combustion, improves cetane

• Dispersant/Detergent - Dissolves fuel system deposits. Restores degraded fuel

• Stabilizer - Enables extended fuel storage

• Corrosion Inhibitor - Protects the fuel system from corrosion

• Demulsifier - Helps separate water from diesel fuel



AR6300 Winter Diesel Treatment

  • Add AR6300 Winter Diesel Treatment to your fuel tank at 5 ml per gallon of fuel when temperatures above 0°F to lower the Cold Filter Plugging Point of diesel fuel. If temperatures drop below 5°F add at 10 ml per gallon.

    Store the container above -5°F.  One 41.3 oz bottle treats up to 275 gallons of diesel.

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